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You do not deserve to sit in discomfort

Let medical science help you.

ComfortAir Seat Cushions utilise the latest air flotation technology, manufactured to UKCA and CE standards, to provide a real-world, cost-effective seating solution. Available in application-specific seat cushion designs, for use on standard seats found on many wheelchairs, and office chairs, in sport and entertainment stadiums, on budget airlines, various cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles.

Tested by specialised healthcare technicans

Making use of medical pressure mapping technology, ComfortAir is able to determine how to best shape and position a network of interlinked air cells, to effectively spread contact evenly across the seating area.

Specialised & Leisure Seat Cushions

Pressure points are dramatically reduced while using a ComfortAir Specialised Seat Cushion, wherever you are required to be seated for extended periods of time - whether at a stadium, during travel, as part of your profession, or while using a wheelchair.

Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Mapping the pressure on a standard motorcycle seat, compared to the same motorcycle seat while using a ComfortAir motorcycle seat cushion, clearly indicates a significant reduction in pressure points.

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